8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Luxury Rehab Facility

Addiction comes in all forms, ranging from anything between substance abuse to sex. However, choosing an appropriate facility might be essential to you or your loved one’s path to recovery. Great care and effort must be put into this one single task as not all rehab centers are created equal; choosing one that best caters to your needs is crucial.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), effective treatment involves the individual’s life situation, and a targeted approach often leads to higher recovery rates. For many people, this means luxury rehab. We know that with the ever increasing number of such facilities, it might get very confusing for you to decide. But to aid you in this process, here are some questions you must consider when choosing a treatment center:

What is the atmosphere of the facility?

The environment is a critical component of the rehab process. Patients must feel safe and secure with wherever they are staying; they should be able to trust their caretakers, which include the nurses, doctors, therapists. Furthermore, patients might be able to empathize and relate to one another given that they are experiencing the same circumstances.

What is the difference between basic and luxury rehab?

Luxury treatment centers obviously cost more than basic programs, but it is only because they provide an extensive array of services. For example, patients may be able to enjoy a high-end gourmet meal, indulge in outdoor activities or music and arts. Also, basic centers may suffer from understaffing due to financial constraints, but at luxury rehab centers the patient may be given individual attention or concentrated therapy.

How long rehab takes?

While most programs offer 30-day programs, some facilities provide 60-day, 90-day or even longer programs. These, however, are decided by the therapists according to the nature and severity of the addiction. Research has shown that patients exposed to longer treatment have a higher rate of sobriety, but the cost incurred in the process is more.

Is the facility licensed and accredited?

Such centers are obligated to follow strict rules and regulations while providing quality treatment. These are usually kept in check by certain authorities as well.

Are you comfortable with the treatment being provided?

Patients might experience unexpected or severe procedures of treatment, which may include electric shock therapy, psychedelic drugs or confrontational methods. Hence, you must ask yourself if you’re ready to see a family member or yourself go through that. Therefore, be sure to ask the staff about every phase of the treatment process first.

Does rehab cure addiction?

There is no definite cure for addiction. Recovery is an ongoing process; one which requires hard work and dedication. It involves managing and navigating through life without being dependent on any substance.

What happens if you relapse?

While many views this is a failure and might be disheartened, you should always see this as another chance to get back on track. It could help you reassess your path and fight addiction with a renewed outlook and spirit.

How will you finance this?

This could be done with the help of medical insurance policies, or in some cases via financial aid from the luxury rehab centers.

In conclusion, I would just like to reiterate that anyone can become addicted. Don’t wait or be embarrassed, and call your nearest rehab center for help and treatment. Nothing is more important than the well-being of your loved ones or yourself.


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